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Matterhorn Mentors is a platform that joins aspiring young athletes with highly regarded and successful individuals to receive guidance and perspective as they forge a path to their own success in life.

The platform promotes 1 on 1 communication between mentor and mentee, and delivers content for skill development, strength & conditioning programming, nutrition & recovery advice, and mental wellness exercises.

Our top flight mentors provide unbiased guidance and perspective to the most cherished person in your life at the most important time of theirs.

Ryan Vesce

Co-Founder & CEO


Leveraging all experiences

Learning from our mentors

All mentors will be consistently contributing developmental content to the platform. Each mentee will develop a relationship with one mentor as well as have unprecedented access to the advice, techniques and mindset from ALL the other mentors on the platform.


What people have to say about us

Throughout my playing career, I was able to learn what matters most in life and what it takes to be an elite athlete. I want to take the lessons I learned and implement them into the lives of youth athletes. Being able to inspire the next generation and continuing to grow the sport of hockey in any way I can, is the top priority. 1 of 4
The Matterhorn Team has been mentoring my three children for the last three years. It has been one of the most beneficial experiences of their lives. Their expertise across skill development, strength and conditioning, nutrition and mental performance has made them all more confident people and better athletes. 2 of 4
Matterhorn Fit’s holistic mind-body approach to health and performance has been instrumental in my career. With this platform, they are taking their “secret sauce” and merging it with their vast network of high caliber people to deliver incredible value to youth hockey players and families. I am excited to be a part of it. 3 of 4
I can’t say enough good things about Matterhorn. Ryan and his team have helped my son navigate the developmental process and have always provided timely advice and perspective. It brings me great comfort knowing that I have an unbiased voice in my son’s corner. 4 of 4

what you can expect

the benefits of our platform

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    1 on 1 mentorship

    Mentees communicate with their mentor both through direct messaging on the platform and through video calls.
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    access to ALL MENTOR content

    The mentee dashboard is populated with fresh content created by all the mentors on the platform and by Matterhorn.
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    strength & conditioning programming

    Matterhorn Fit's Director of Health & Performance, Sean Sullivan, delivers age appropriate workouts that are coordinated with the hockey season.
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    Mental training

    Mental Skills Coach, Julia Allain, provides thought exercises and content to build confidence and drive performance.
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    skill development

    Matterhorn provides professional game breakdown video analysis alongside of tips & tricks provided by our mentors.
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