Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Matterhorn Mentors Platform for?

    The Matterhorn Mentor platform is for hockey players between the ages of 12-20. The platform is designed to give young athletes the guidance, perspective, mindset and training so they can be successful in hockey and in life.

  • What is Matterhorn Mentors?

    The Matterhorn Mentors platform delivers value through 1 on 1 mentorship along with development content from all of the mentors on the platform. We connect the athlete (not the parent) to a high caliber mentor. Our mentors are held in the highest regard by their peers. The network of mentors is made up of current and former hockey players who have succeeded in college as well as in their professional career.

  • How do I select a mentor?

    You can see all of our available mentors on our mentors page. You are able to read the bios and select the mentor. All of our mentors are very successful in hockey as well as life.

  • Are the mentors agents?

    The mentors are NOT AGENTS. They will not be going to games or calling coaches on your behalf. The mentors are there to provide guidance and their unique perspective to develop the mentee as an athlete and as a person.

  • How is the communication structured?

    Our mentors will be delivering specific development topics and assignments where communication takes place via messaging on the platform (weekly) and video calls (minimum 1x per month). Those topics will be delivered around skill development, mental performance, strength and conditioning, game breakdown, situational play, time management, habits of successful people and nutrition & recovery.

  • How much does the subscription cost?

    Platform access is $3,000 billed annually. Cancel at anytime.

  • What benefits come with the platform?

    • 1 on 1 mentorship 
      • Our accomplished mentors provide guidance, perspective, and display qualities of leadership and discipline, which we believe is critical to developing successful individuals.  
    • Access to developmental content
      •  from ALL mentors on the platform.
    • Strength and conditioning programming 
      • from Matterhorn Fit
    • Hockey skills content
      • Game analysis video content
    • Mental performance training
      •  content from a professional mental skills coach
  • How involved should parents be?

    It is encouraged for the youth athlete to take responsibility and build a relationship with the mentor without having his/her parent/guardian driving the relationship. Part of the human developmental process is to be able to be on time, schedule meetings, speak in a clear voice and develop your interaction skills.

    Parents/Guardians will be included in the first introductory call with the mentor and will have quarterly calls with their child and mentor to ask questions, receive feedback and get updates on progress.

If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help.

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