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We are on a mission to develop successful humans


The growth of matterhorn's human development

"When you break through the barriers to possibility, the only path is certainty."

In 2018, Matterhorn Fit was launched to provide athletes with a seamless integration between rehabilitation and performance. Clients include over 50 professional athletes, 11 Olympians and thousands of health seeking individuals in Florida.

In 2020, The Matterhorn Fit All Ivy Showcase was launched to provide academically focused D1 prospects direct access to the best universities in the world.

In 2021, Matterhorn Fit opened its second facility, in Naples, FL.

In 2022, The Matterhorn Mentors platform launched to develop youth athletes into successful human beings by surrounding them with the influences and perspectives of some of the highest achievers in the Matterhorn network.

Our Mission, Vision
& Values


We are on a mission to develop successful human beings. In everything we do. It’s in our DNA as leaders, it’s in our Ethos as a company, and it’s in our hearts as human beings.


The future of human development surrounds athletes with the highest level of expertise and guidance through technology, training facilities, events and live experiences. We provide unprecedented access to high level people to mentor and reinforce what it takes to be successful.


We hold ourselves and our mentors to the highest standard of integrity. We are here to share our deep knowledge, experiences and perspective with the next generation of athletes to help them become successful.

Our Team

Ryan Vesce

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Vesce graduated from Cornell University in 2004 and went on to play 14 years professionally (over 700 games) across the NHL, AHL, KHL, and Europe. He is well known for his leadership, mental toughness, work ethic and tireless drive to improve his game. Ryan is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Matterhorn Fit and its sub-brands (Matterhorn Fit, Matterhorn Fit All Ivy Showcase & Matterhorn Mentors). The Matterhorn family of brands is intensely focused on human development.

Kenny Turano

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Kenny Turano graduated from Harvard University in 2004.  He was a member of the hockey team that won 2 ECAC hockey championships and he was awarded the 2003 Donald Angier trophy for greatest improvement. He went on to spend 16 years investing in public and private equity at financial institutions in New York City before joining Matterhorn Fit in 2021 to help grow and scale the brand. Kenny is currently partner and CFO of Matterhorn Fit, and Co-Founder & COO of Matterhorn Mentors.

Sean Sullivan

Co-Founder & Director of Health, Performance

Sean Sullivan received his bachelors degree in exercise science from the University of New England and went on to obtain the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) Certification.  Sean has trained over 50 professional athletes and 11 Olympians, and manages all programming for Matterhorn’s clients. Sean’s unique training philosophy uses movement to eliminate compensation patterns, increase mobility, speed, and strength as well as improve body composition. Prior to launching Matterhorn Fit, Sean owned his own private gym exclusively for professional athletes and was also the strength and conditioning coach for Jokerit in the KHL.  Currently, Sean is the Co-Founder and Director of Health and Performance at Matterhorn Fit and Matterhorn Mentors.

Julia Allain

Mental Skills Coach

Julia Allain is the Founder of Allain Mental Performance LLC, a Connecticut based company that specializes in improving mental performance for athletes. She earned her B.A. in psychology from Providence College and a M.A. in sport psychology from McGill University. Julia has always been innately curious about human motivation and performance. In graduate school, she completed a master’s thesis analyzing NCAA division I hockey coaches and their in-game communication, motivation, and management strategies.

Julia’s program supports and develops leadership qualities, athlete roles, psychological momentum, and a wide variety of sport specific psychological skills. Her clients gain a new perspective into the importance of psychological skills for athletes as they continue to develop and prepare for the next level. While most coaches place a great emphasis on physical preparation, these frequently overlooked psychological skills are often the difference maker in one’s ability to perform at their optimal level.